aruna industries melting department aruna industries melting department

All the 2 plants operate on Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces. Furnaces ranging from 25Kg, 50Kg, 250 kg, 750Kg, 2MT, 6MT and 10MT have been installed across the 2 production facilities. Aruna has strategically positioned the 2 foundry units to cater the wide range of casting weights for the body and components of valve manufacturers to provide a one-stop shop for sourcing. As rate of pouring and furnace temperature loss after tapping of metal are critical to maintain quality, a wide array of furnaces are operated. Depending on the liquid metal requirement, the plant for pouring is chosen by the product development team. Currently, we can pour a 14 Ton casting by melting up to 24 MT of liquid metal.

The moulding process across the 2 plants is hand moulding Co2-Silicate process. Airset cores are taken on special cases depending on criticality of the casting. Intensive process control is being put in place to ensure consistency in the manufacturing process.